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Grayscale spinge per un ETF su Bitcoin spot
Grayscale rileva un crescente interesse per BTC tra gli investitori, poiché la società vuole convincere la SEC ad approvare un ETF basato su Bitcoin spot.

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@Lisk • dic 06
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@Tuur Demeester • dic 06

We can’t wait to see the breadth and depth of innovation that Mysten’s infrastructure will enable. Welcome, @Mysten_Labs! 🥳

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This new listing is out of this world. Dash/USD trading pair is now available on Galaxy OTC (GOTC)! @GalaxyDigitalHQ

@vitalik.eth • dic 06
OK fine here's an alternate link to the post that doesn't rely on my crappy server: And a…

And demonizing all Malaria drugs like Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin making it hard to anyone to get had absolutel…

@Bitstamp • dic 06
What makes $ADA an interesting investment? 🤔 #Cardano platform has the potential for real-world use cases by supp…

🪙 India's officials shared documents indicating that private cryptocurrencies will not be banned but regulated 📢 A…

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