Target delle VC nel 2022: Metaverso, game, NFT, Web 3, DeFi
"Le aziende venture capital stanno realizzando che le criptovalute sono il prossimo grande sviluppo della tecnologia. Devono investire - non hanno scelta"

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Gara da 100.000 USD: PrimeXBT lancia il nuovo Modulo Contest
Disclaimer: Il seguente articolo fa parte della Cryptonews Deals Series ed è stato scritto co …
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Kraken Exchange
@Kraken Exchange • gen 16
Do you think that #bitcoin is the future of money?

Ser Jeff Garzik
@Ser Jeff Garzik • gen 16
"In practice, Bir Tawil is widely believed to have the legal status of terra nullius – “nobody’s land” – and there… https://t.co/irm1ZDXLgG

Adam Back
@Adam Back • gen 16
true this. https://t.co/Diwbb1A0A3

Chris Burniske
@Chris Burniske • gen 15
If the same types of people build & majority-own the systems, the outcome of the systems is most likely going to be the same.

Tuur Demeester
@Tuur Demeester • gen 15
"You'd think they're looking for their 20x. No they're not. They want so much more. And it's worth believing the l… https://t.co/DHmlNVqHO2

#Bitcoin is Consolidating Nicely, But Needs a Push Over $44k https://t.co/T0SvsgJl2H

Wordle 210 3/6 ⬛⬛⬛🟨⬛ ⬛⬛🟨🟩🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Willy Woo
@Willy Woo • gen 15
23% of Americans own crypto-assets while 56% own stocks. The former market is 12 years old while the latter is 20… https://t.co/FELMLDnjWg

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