Criptovaluta e tasse nel 2021: preparati a pagare di più
L'estensione del Common Reporting Standard agli exchange cripto è prevista quest'anno. "Il Congresso …

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It's easy to prevent future clashes between Patriots & Gov 1. Stop #ElectionFraud 2. #EndLockdowns * Also being pr… https://t.co/hcI8D6V921

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And oh yeah this also means that: no, for now there are no 150k coins getting dumped on the market.

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📣Bitfinex Lending Pro helps automate your lending strategies! ✅Profit Calculator ✅Earnings Reports ✅Lend in multip… https://t.co/iQaQNh959V

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The world's first #CBDC built on #NEM blockchain @Lietuvosbankas #Symbol https://t.co/A30hy7OxBB

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Real-time how many satoshis per person. The supply of humans is increasing but the supply of bitcoin is limited at… https://t.co/Ofgmw0I5T3

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With the SEC filing against Ripple Labs, Kraken plans to halt XRP trading for U.S. residents on January 29, 2021. S… https://t.co/YJih4lYvGn

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PSA: The Bitcoin Forecast 010 is out. Please check inboxes and spam filters. Read online: https://t.co/dMbwNtfxhW… https://t.co/er6KBROC4J

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Bitcoin is stupid. https://t.co/3Ll4jBLJPs